Sneaky Santa

So in October when we moved some of our friends snuck some interesting objects into our place. Basically some strangers crap that had had been left the curb in front of our building! Nasty! ;o) Well D'rock was so mad until he decided to keep it and get them back. So for our friends big Christmas party we wrapped up all the junk and put into our huge Santa bag. It was so funny seeing all the boys open up there long awaited "gifts".

Outside of that we had a blast and enoyed some yummy food curtisy of RC cola. They are the ones that got the ginormous tree. We really are so blessed and have some amazing friends!

I think the littlest may had trouble picking up her hoola!
An excited Jacob, recipient of one of Santa's "special" gifts and his cuttie petuttie wife!
D and J making a toast in J's special gift! Kind of nasty but that's guys for ya
Someone found chocolate!
This picture hardly does justice. It was lit so beautifully but my flash was just too powerful!

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