Christmas in Utah

So we spent all of Christmas week in Utah. Because there is so much to talk about I'm just going to high light our fun family time there to prevent anyone dying of boredom:

1. Snow storm=lots f snow
2. Family bowling (tradition)
3. Crab dinner= 50 bones for Jod
4. Announcing our pregnancy= Mom Crying
5. Girls Day out = A day in SLC
6. Annual white elephant = O'douls & tummies
7. Family party = stellar nap

So that was our week just about. There was so much snow we couldn't leave the house christmas eve. D'rock and I came out winners for family bowling. Jod hates seafood and so her dad actually paid her 50 bones to eat some. She said it was worse than the worm she ate for 1oo. Sick! Then we played the long awaited family video with the baby surprise at the end. Everyone claimed they "knew it" and "Mon" my Mom-in-law just started crying.
Okay I really don't make that face when I bowl!

The "weeners"!! Yay!

Seriously almost every time was a strike!

She seriously about dry heaved a few times with that crab! ;o)

I actually got to see some old friends of mine while we were there . But of course I have like 1 photo. I miss all my girl friends!
Here is the cutest girl I got to see!

One of our favorites was our party with our friends since we only see them once a year now at this party. Someone brought O'douls as a joke since we don't drink and the only other pregnant girl left with it as her gift! Then of course was our family party which I finally was able to take a nap during. When I woke up everyonewas leaving...oh well!

Donator of the sneakiest/funniest gift!

Recipients of the sneakiest/funniest gift!For being pregnant she is way to excited! ;o)
Ok, this is D'rocks buddies little girl. Every time I asked "where's your tummy?" that's what she did! LOL!!
So Christmas was great. The best part was telling everyone we were pregnant! Not because I wanted to be the center of attention, but I was so tired of being a flake and M.I.A because I've been sick and not having a real excuse to tell people. I'm not very good with secrets.


  1. Congrats on the baby that will be lots of fun you will have to let us know what it is when you find out :)

  2. Looks like ya'll had an awesome time in Utah. Great job summarizing your trip. (This is always hard for me to do.) I need lessons from you on how to make my posts shorter and more to the point.
    CONGRATS on the pregnancy! We were so excited for you when we got the Christmas card! I bet you are going to be snapping photos of your little one even more than me! (Evan says that's impossible.)


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