I'm ready for my close up Mommy!

So we, well I since the hubby never blogs, realized there was no post of the baby's first photographs. I decided to just put up a couple. He/ or She just looks so cute all cuddled up in my utero (sounds better in spanish I think!). Theses were photos from my 11/12 week ultrasound. Enjoy!

The official photo that announced little one


Both our parents said it looks like D'rock cause the baby already had a big head! Haha...but of course all baby's have a big noggin' this early on. It was still funny both sides said it though.


  1. Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  2. Those 3-d ones are so cool. Maybe the next time we adopt, we'll pay for the birthmom to get them done. It certainly is easier to identify everything in the 3-d ones. But even if I can't tell a head from a foot in the regular ones, it's still excited to just see and have them.


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