What's with Tennessee?

So for those who don't know I'm the wards progress coordinator (aka secretary) for the ward mission and Derek is the Assistant Mission Leader. So needless to say we spend our fair share of time with the Missionaries. We would feed then every month until D'rock decided we should feed them every other week, since they bring the spirit into our home and help us to serve. I agreed. Try deciding what to make for 6-8 people every other week though, on top of school and everyday lunches and such. So we asked one night what their favorite foods were. One Elder said brisket. We're poor and have never had or made brisket. So here was another idea from my hubby, lets make their favorite meals. He thought they would pick great new meals that we wouldn't normally make ourselves. Well that was half true.

We had our brisket and it was great. Then came the Elder from Tennessee. Can you guess what he wanted? Steak perhaps, ribs maybe...nope! How about Spaghetti and coleslaw! But not just and, but on the coleslaw. In all fairness it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. And I'm sure the fact that I was hungry from fasting all day for Prop 8 helped me enjoy the meal more than I might have normally! So thanks Tennessee. We'll always have Spaghetti and coleslaw as a fond memory!

It looks pretty in photo! I'l give it that.

Elder Tennessee to the left enjoying his favorite meal!
The one of the left could barely chew it down. He wanted to be polite. The Elder to the right actually seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and got quite the plate full of it!

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of you and Derek on the sidebar. They are perfect!


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