"oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree"

Okay, I think we might have created one of our first family traditions! As a kid we would go chop down our own tree, until my dad got tired of cutting down ours, his sisters and his moms each year! So we decided to do it this year. We tried last year and it just never happened. So we headed out with RC, after a great waffle breakfast, to half moon bay. We stopped at Pigeon Light House, which had the most amazing views.
After that we were just 5 miles north of the tree farm. Ok, so it's usually always cold and cloudy in HMB but not that day. It was so stinkin hot! WE all had sweaters and us girls even brought out the scarfs, only to peel them off before we ever cut down our trees. And it took a LONG LONG time t find those suckers! I wasn't any help at all. Derek liked a bunch of trees and I kept saying " I just don't like it". He kept picking ones with prickly branches. I didn't want peoples kids slaughtering there little fingers when they touch our tree! Plus I'm way accident prone! Any how e finally found them. I like to call them the monster (RC) and the fat man (DA). Their tree was ginormous! Our is like a lady with a really big back end! haha.

But we had a great time. Plus we got to roast some mellows and someone gave us a couple brotworth sausages! Mmmm...so good and FREE! This place was awesome. I even gt to make the sweetest looking wreath for just $5. And a side note, I added some sprigs from the type of tree D'rock liked and totally jabbed my finger! Yup, it still hurts! I rest my case! Wish all our friends could have made it!

Derek took this one of RC! I totally love it! He's getting pretty good!


  1. I'm so sad we missed out on so much fun. We'll definitely have to do it next year :)

  2. Looks like it was fun! I'm sad we missed it.


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