Boo Boo

I'm not qite sure how prepared I am to have kids after all! The other day, or like a month ago, Derek cut his hand while working on an apartment and I kinds freaked out a bit. I was just so sad and all concerned and babying him way beyond the normal protocal. Then I thought, how in the world will I act when my kids scrape a knee or bonk their head? Originally I just planned that I would laugh at them so they knew it's not a big deal but I think there is an inherent flaw in my design. Oh well!! It's a good thing we don't have kids yet!

Oh, his poor hand! I swear I said that about a million times while he was fixing it up!

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  1. Poor Derek. One time Evan cut his hand and I wanted him to go get stitches, but he ended up using Duct tape to try to hold it closed. I was pretty mad at him because I thought he was just trying to be macho. The tape worked though. I guess in a few years our hubbies can stitch up the kids boo boos themselves.


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