Why Sweet November?

So I often wonder what inspired people to name their blogs a certain title. I struggled to come up with one to be honest. We don't have a cute name to rhyme with anything, we have no kids to make it a "plus two feet" theme, and all the other words like "chronicles " or "tales" were taken. So after lots of thinking I remembered that we met in November! Well that was our first "encounter" , on Thanksgiving of 2005. Then I thought "what's cute about November?"Then Keano Reeves came into mind (not because he's cute...cause he's not but Charlize Theron is cute!). The movie Sweet November. Now although it was a way sad story that didn't end the way I wanted it too it gave me the inspiration I was looking for. November was a great month for me that year and every Thanksgiving is a reminder of the year Derek ate at Apple Bee's one year and decided to look a girl to snug a rug with in Provo. So Thanksgiving is special for us. This year we spent it with my Mom's side and had a great time. Here are a few picture of our family. Not too many of us were there but we had a great time.

Me and my "sister" Liz
Derek thinking of me so lovingly! ;oP

My cute cousin Bella! She feels more like a niece!!

Ama (grandma) and my Tia Maria

Me and Ama!! She is so beautiful! This is a keeper, you never can get her to smile!!

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