Iron Chef

So I really should just abandon the whole nursing goal and just go to culinary school. Besides taking picture of everyone's bundles of joy all the time I'm always taking photos of my culinary master pieces. I love to cook and to bake and it's my secret desire to go to school for it but it's SO FREAKIN' expensive that I just can't bring myself to actually doing it. Oh well...here are some of my babies!

So good! Egg Plant Parmesana

Homemade apple peach pie! That's right! Greatest mistake ever!

Grilled Feta lemon chicken seared with pineapple w/ garlic Parmesan potatoes!

Good Old apple pie!

Chile Rellenos! Mmm...so great when they're extra spicy!

Okay..I totally need to go eat now


  1. That chile relleno looks so good. My mouth is watering!!!

  2. I could use a little help in the kitchen.


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