Happy Halloween!!

Well Halloween wasn't as great as I wanted it to be but that's life. We were going to the Trunk-or-treat but Derek had to paint an apartment and ended up not going. And I waited so long hoping he would that I just ended up being super late. By the time I got there I got hit up by 8 or 10 kids and that was it. Everyone was already cleaning up when I got there. So I decided to joke around with the adults. No one knew who I was except for a few people. Everyone else just laughed at me and kept asking how I knew all the kids in Primary. Anyhow, lots of sass and attitude later the night was worth it. I guess I can be a lot uglier and funnier than I think!

Cousins! Can you see the resemblance?
Trying to be hot like bat girl! Not too successful!
My one stalker/ admirer! Ha... That was a hoot!
New friends! She thought I was so funny!

Some one should have told me this was the new Bishop before I made a fool of myself and busted his chops! Oh well! :o)

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