This sucks!!

So since last November we have been trying to get into a resident manager position and for some reason or another it just never really pans out the way we would hope. We got offered one position and then they changed their mind last minute for whatever reason. Ao we figured that's okay, no biggy. Then we were offered another position but then just a week before we should be starting the owner found out he was going to get laid off from his full-time employer and had to take a more hands on position with the building which meant no rent compensation. So we figured something else will be a better fit. So we waited, then a poor man had a stroke and died! So his position was up for grabs...YAY!! Sorry he died though. So that way two months ago. Well after a long and tedious 2 months of waiting we found out today that they offered the position to someone else. Honestly when I read the e-mail I just cried like a baby! I'm just so sick and tired of looking for a management position. The whole third times a charm is just a big load of stinky baby poop! I'm convinced we'll never find a spot. If anyone has a lead on an opening let us know. Why not pour some salt in the wound!


  1. Don't stress. Things happen for a reason, though we may not know for awhile, we'll eventually find out.

  2. That does really suck. I hope you can find something soon. ((hugs))

  3. Angel I have been checking your blog for a post about our fun jelly fish filled beach day and sushi, but have found no such post. I bet if you do it, it will make you feel better about not getting that management job :)!
    Your new friend Natalie
    (Brents friend)


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