Jelly Beach

First off I have to apologize for the late entry. I promised someone (Natalie) that I would post this sooner and I've been good about keeping up lately but I wanted to do something special with these photos.

So last Saturday we had a great little adventure. A good friend of ours came to visit from Utah and we really wanted to hang out so w decided to jump over to Ocean Beach in San Francisco for the evening. Besides us getting lost, derek having a cow and us still getting there before Brent and Natalie there weren't very many hold ups. It was a great day when we got there except for ll the freaking Jelly fish. Really, they were everywhere. Natalie smashed one with her foot on accident and I was playing hopscotch across the sand so I didn't step on one. But the best part was after the beach

For dinner we (Florek's), Brent, Natalie and Brent's family (Sis, Bro-in-law & babe) went to Koo's for dinner for sushi. Man it was soooo good. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi so much!!??!! It is amazing. The rest of the evening was spent together socializing back at the Erekson home which had a beautiful view of what I believe was more South SF. It was great to see the sun set and just enjoy the company. Here are some photos of our adventure. I only wish I had a photo of all of us or of Charlie (the babe) for that matter. He was an absolute peach but I didn't want to freak his mom out by snapping a camera at her baby within the first 15 minutes of meeting them. He was adorable!

I went for the dramatic effect!!


  1. That sounds fun (and scary cuz of the jellies). If you like sushi you should try Sushi Zone on Market in SF. It's a tiny place so you have to get there early, but it's really good sushi. I have a couple of from a time we went.

  2. Yea, I love it!!! I'm pretty sure if I lived in San Francisico we would be best friends Angel. Well thanks for letting me be part of your blog. Could you maybe email me the pictures of the four of us on the beach, me and you on the beach, and me eating the oster? my email is nataliehutchison@weber.edu.
    You're simply wonderful. Thanks


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