The names Bond!

So back in High School I was privileged to sing with a few girls by the name Mack. First there was Kellie, then Julie and finally Katie. I still remember there mom's van license plate said maxitaxi (they have 7 or 8 kids). Well yesterday Katie got married at the Oakland Temple and her and her cutie of a hubby Keith, had their reception at the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara. It was so beautiful and that was the first time I actually met Keith, briefly! It's a wedding, you couldn't talk to everyone if you wanted to! But they looked so happy!

But perhaps one of the highlights of the night was seeing some old friends from High School and catching up with my friends that I wish I could see more often. After that we all danced the night away, and by we I mean me! I went nuts. I hadn't been dancing in soooo long! I loved it. I was sweating like a pig on a spit! Haha. But it was great. So congrats to my friend Katie Mack, or should I say Bond...Katie Bond! Yes, that really is her new name! If you knew Katie you would know how perfect and funny that is for her and her hubby!!

Being married rocks!

Charlotte, Me and MeghanMe and Amy (miss you sweetie)(Insert James Bond theme song here!!)


  1. Seeing old friends is the best. And I totally hear you on the dancing. Especially the "and by we I mean me." :)

  2. Yeah for Kate. I love the Mack sisters!


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