May Day, May Day!

I think I finally did it! I figured out all the little features on this blog system. I feel so accomplished now. I hope most if you find it ascetically pleasing, if not... too bad! I like it and that's all that really matters. I think my favorite color is orange. As much as I love sage I love different shades and hues of orange. It's so vibrant and I feel that is more my personalty, not to sound arrogant or cocky at all. Let's just say black wouldn't suit me at all.

So today is the first of may which means 5 things:
1. I have two papers due in two weeks
2. I have to complete traffic school in 11 days
3. We are flying back to Utah this month
4. Scott & Toni (and too many to name) are going back to Utah and...
5. My birthday is in 23 days

Yup on May 24th I will be 24 years old. That only happens once people so this is extra special. So my day will consist of ( yes I already know!) going to work at the temple that morning and then flying to Utah that evening. hopefully my husband catches enough of a clue that I would really like to go to Rodizio's for my Birthday Dinner. Seeing that he has been there 2 or 3 times since we have been married and I've been there...wait I haven't been there! So if you read this, through him a hint and by hint I mean just tell him I want to go!! :o)

So this will be a very busy month. I just hope I can make it!

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