So for those who know me well I have never been very fond of pink. Not just I don't care for it but I seemed to have an inexplicable disdain towards it. This has always been a touchy subject for Derek and I, as we had a VERY pink reception in Utah.

Today I found myself sorting through pictures of that very reception. I looked and I looked and you know what I saw? Beautiful ribbon, carefully decorated tables, an adorable pink chocolate fountain, a crocheted table cloth, a silver antique punch bowel, a beautiful collage of photos, glowing candles, a water fountain, wonderful lanterns and darling mini chandeliers. I think I forgot about all the many wonderful touches that willingly and lovingly went into that perfect reception. Yes, perfect! It was beautiful and I never really gave, what should have been, a loving and genuinely appreciative "Thank You". So to whom do I owe this much deserved thank you? In my little head I like to call her Mon. Mon, is my adorable and very thoughtful mother-in-law and she put so much into our special day. So, in case she may ever stumble across my little blog...Thank You so much! For making everything easier, for making everything cheaper and for making everything utterly and completley unforgettable!

I'm sure after reading this entry some of you may find me repulsive, rude and would very much like to stop being my friend! :o) But I'd rather be hated for who I am then loved for someone I am not. I am a young wife who loves special moments, who loves a good testimony, who loves to cook and bake the night away, who loves to cuddle beside a husband who adores her and who has recently become a convert to the pink generation! Anything really is quite possible you know. Trust me. I've seen the light and it's Pink!


  1. That's so sweet! I'm really not a big fan of pink either, but after having a little girl it's growing on me a little. I don't mind it as much anymore. The pictures from your Utah reception are lovely, btw. Such pretty decorations. I'm glad you're coming to terms with it now. :) And of course I'm not going to stop being your friend, silly.

  2. What a beautiful reception!

  3. I'm glad you're finally getting over your issues!! I'm personally a fan of pink, but not until I was in college....it's the new red!

  4. Pink is awesome! My wedding cake was pink!


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