Lost time...

So in case you haven't noticed this is my third post this morning. That is because of a delightful thing called finals weeks, which isn't delightful at all, until it's over. So I decided that today I would catch up for lost time and write about all the things that have happened. Might I be the first to say that May is one hectic month!

My love and I both had finals this last week. I had least one sleepless night and we both had our days of staying at school well after dark. But it's all over and will one day be well worth it. Now that it's over we can look forward to visiting our family in Utah. We are excited to see TFC, my brother-in-law, since he will be going on his mission this summer. I suppose I should pack since we are leaving soon.

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  1. I'm so glad finals are over too. Have fun in Utah and Happy Birthday!


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