A sunday farwell

So in case you don't know we are in an amazing Branch, which is soon to be a ward after our next Stake conference! We are so excited. But there are so many people we have met that are now moving on with new chapters of thier lives. So to show our love we decided to have one last sunday dinner together at Lake Temescal. It was wonderful!!! It was a time to say good-bye, to meet new faces and to enjoy a day of sunshine. In fact it was so good I think we will make in a new tradition. Did I menntion the food was tasty? Well it was awesome, but the company was just that much better!!

Father Daughter moment...

Some one found the brownies!!

The latest addition to our new family!

Group photo...some people had to leave already

The heart braker!! I can't get enough of this one

There are so many more photos but I'll have to make a little collage before I post those ones too. That's all for now. I love our friends so much. They are our family away from home!

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