Happy Birthday to me!!

So on Saturday the 24th of may I turned the big 24! Can you believe it? I began the day with a great breakfast from my sweet husband who woke me up with the annoying buzzer on our intercom. But it was worth it. He got up extra early and snuck out of the house in the poring rain and hiked up to the corner of Adam's to buy strawberries from the Hispanic lady who usually mands the corner, but that morning she apparently took the day off! So my poor husband walked home in the rain only to realize that he had forgotten his keys. That's where the rude awakening came from, but it was well worth it.

This was my breakfast. I would have added the one with me in it but as you could imagine this breakfast looked 100 times cuter than me that morning!

That afternoon after he got back from the temple we finished packing and headed for the airport. When we checked in my husband let me go crazy. He let me get pretzels from my favorite place, Aunt Annie's. It was so good! Then it happened...our flight was delayed, not once but twice. We left nearly two hours late. Can I say now that I really don''t care for the airport! After our flight we finally got into Salt Lake where our family was waiting. It was SO good to see them again. I especially missed TFC since he will be leaving soon for Africa I've been sad to see him go. After all I only just got a new brother about 2 years ago.

That evening my hubby,TFC and I went to Rodizio's for dinner.

I have never been there before and was dying to go. It's actually pretty expensive, so I know how much my sweet husband loves me by taking me there. It was a sensation of tastes on my palate. UMAMI!!!! We were all stuffed to the max when we left. It was a long day but what made it the best was spending every moment of it with my love. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, patient and understanding husband. He is the pinnacle of all gifts that I have ever received. He is irreplaceable!

Here are some photos from my birthday...

Dinner with my Mom & Derek at Bubba Gumps...
My free dessert because they lost our order, so GOOD!
(reminded me of Toni)
Our family birthday paty in Utah. I share my birthday month with Derek's dad, brother, uncle and cousin! I look like a foreign exchange student in this photo! :o)


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!! I wanted to text you, but my phone died when we were in the woods. Glad you guys made it to Utah safe....we'll see you THIS weekend!!! Heidi-ho neighbor!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am so jealous that you ate at Rodizio's! Have fun in Utah.


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