Summer to Fall in Philly 2012

I have to be honest, I'm not one for summers on the East Coast. Me and heat don't get along as it is, shocking I know. But coupled with humidity it's practically inhumane! It like being in Panama without the awesomeness of being in your bathing suit on a tropical beach in Panama.  But it has a few charms. Like getting fresh produce straight from a farm! I got a little ambitious and decided to shuck about 30 dozen corn. And to can about 15lbs of peaches, well enough to can 11 jars. 

Besides my obvious insanity we went to Peddlers Village, tried to stay coo, discovered the kitchen tiles to be very cool and ate corn with every meal. And it's still not gone, not that this post is about a year after I froze it. But perhaps one of my favorite memories this summer of 2012 was Derek staying up with me till 2 am to can the peaches! I felt like the "Little Red Hen" when her friends said "I will". Except a lot earlier on in the process!

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