Operation: Utah Part 2

Brace yourself because this post has a lot of photos and is pretty long. I left you all with a photo of my husband teaching our boy how to pee off the back of a boat. It's one of the most valuable life lessons a man can teach his son, right? But the day was a lot of fun. It was an all day event since it was the only day we ended up going boating.

Maggie just loved the sand. SHe loves it about as much as she loves the dirt. Except she doesn't like wet sand for snacking like she does mud. Picky picky!

Then it was time to get on the boat as get some skiing in but West hates wearing his life jacket. After a while he calms down but it's a battle. Maggie doesn't mind it too much has long as it's not smashing her cheeks together.

Can I just publicly admit now that I'm just not a water sport person! I love to swim don't get me wrong. And I love water in general. But I like being IN the water and not ON the water. My in-laws do NOT have that problem. They all grew up on the water and are really good.

Ok, now she's just showing off. And can I just say how cool these women look while they surf/ski/wake etc. The one photo of me is terrible. I look constipated and I usually only get one photo since I can't muster the strength to cross the wake and get a "cool" photo. Oh well. I have other talents and this just isn't one of them! :o)

Besides the normal boating activities we must have though we needed more excitement so for a change we about killed my sister-in-laws boyfriend! Ok, ok...we didn't nearly "kill" him. But let's just say I don't know if it was the best day of his life to date. Scratch that, getting lots of attention from your girlfriend post injury must be a perk!

Smashed cheeks! Good thing she was sleeping!

See what I mean. She's just sitting there and she looks cool! Not to mention her skin is glowing and her bangs are swept back just right. I should post my photo to to show the difference. LOL.

   The Fish!

By the time we headed back everyone was totally worn out. Nothing like boating to assure a good nights sleep. It's the waking up the next day and moving that's hard!

 The next day we went to the bouncy house near by which the kids loved. Maggie loved the foam blocks! But I think the Dads had the most fun jumping into the foam pits.

Until the time when Papa couldn't manage his way out without some navigating from Nana!

 And because the kids aren't fit enough they decided to run in the RAGNAR while we were there. The kids pent the day with Nana and Papa tracking them down and running a leg with them.

 While we had babysitters we took a much needed trip to the Temple in Logan. Well at least Im pretty sure we were in Logan. It was great to get in a session together since we hadn't been to the temple since we moved to the East Coast.

And of course Maggie needed to get more swim time. But honestly how much cuter can she be. She just gets to darn happy being in the water.

And perhaps the min-highlight of the trip was the campout. Even though it was in the backyard it was the kids first camp out. And it's a good thing we did this first to see how they handle sleeping together on the ground. WE might wait a couple years until we try the "real" outdoors. With our campout we also had an outdoor movie that we watched on the side of the house. West really loved that too and eventually fell asleep.

And what would a trip back home be without spending some much needed time with our friends! Everytime we hang out it's so crazy to see how quick our kids are growing. Derek and Spencer grew up next door to each other most of their life and have been the best of friends. So it's natural that his wife and I are such good friends. And oddly enough we have been pregnant together both times and given birth 8 weeks apart both time. So needless to say we'll see if we can plan number 3 the same way.


It's too bad after vacation you have to go home and unpack everything and adjust to a time change! Oh well!

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