Operation: Utah

Our Mission:  Survival.

There is nothing quite like flying accross the country with your children and everything they might possibly need from your departure  from home to the arrival at Nana and Papa's house. And going off my last experience, no matter how prepared you are there are always land mines along the way. But this time I wasn't alone. So needless to say....we made it. I'm sure there were a few rough spots on the flight but not so bad that they are forever burned in my long term memory.

Now that I've had plenty of time to recover from vacation, yes you know you always need vacation from a vacation, I can finally blog about it. Now remember this is the super condensed version. It's mostly so I can post adorable photos for our family.

Day 1: Make it alive, eat early lunch and unveil "Nana's Play Closet". Complete with authentic family rocking chairs and childhood toys. So much fun.

Day 2: Go to church and be awed and adored by family friends. Play on the rediculously cool car ramp. Crash on car ramp. Take a nap and wake up for the family BBQ where we will again be loved and adored.

 Day 3: Went fishing for the first time. FYI, Mommy (me) stinks at fishin'. Watched a unfortunate corn dog meet his maker. Went to Dinosaur park and scared the pants off of West.

L: Fishing withe Uncle Al, R: The boys


 RIP Corn Dog

  Dino Park

Day 4: Preview, Went boating for the day!

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  1. Oh so fun to see. Thank you, thank you for updating this all of the time and keeping me in the loop. Love you all so much. My wonderful, sweet, amazing, remarkable, family. Actually, there aren't enough words.


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