Be mine!

(Our little Love Bugs!)

Happy Valentines Day! That being said, I'm not a firm believer of the holiday. Call me a party pooper but it's just another day where people anticipate lavish gifts when they just demanded them just  a couple months ago. BUT....how cute are kiddie valentines! They don't want a dozen long stem roses, expensive chocolates or a pearl necklace. They are perfectly happy with silly valentines, coloring hearts and you telling them how much you love them. All that costs is your time!

Today for Valentines Day we went to an "exclusive" party. The VIP list was anyone under 3ft. We had fruit, snacks, dip, cookies and LOTS of MUD! I don't know that West has ever had so much fun. What made this play group extra special is that all the guests of honor were gentlemen! That's right, little miss piggy aside, this group is nothing but adorable boys and their mommy's.  So as much as I'd love to have made them all a pink bow tie I knew I had to give them something they would actually like!

After a little thought I decided to go with Play dough. Now of course I had to package it with little labels but all in all it  was a very boy friendly gift. I even avoided pinks and reds and went with teal and orange. And the RECIPE I used was UH-MAZING! It worked up super fast and is so squishy and smooth. And I had everything on hand to make it. I did two batches, one in each color. And that divided up great into five 4oz containers for each color. Each little fella got a set.

Mag Pie had a good time too. She just roamed the halls and sucked on new undiscovered toys and kept trying to escape into the back yard. Overall it was such a fun morning. Now I'll have to see how long I can hide the giant  chocolate lolly pop from the boy before he realizes its missing. If I can just get him to wait till dinner I'll be good!



  1. Everyone looks so darn cute...what a great time! XO!!

  2. I love their outfits...so stinkin' cute! I'll have to try the playdough recipe for my nieces and newphews when they come out--AWESOME!

  3. Their outfits are so stinkin' cute! I'll have to try that playdough recipie the next time I see my neices and nephews..AMAZING!


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