I know I'm so behind on our holiday posts but I figured I might as well have one in a timely manner since it's so brief. Today was a day of firsts...

First snow of the year
Maggie's first snow EVER
Our first snow as a family

Coming soon, like any day, is our first tooth. And in just over 3 short months it will be someone's first Birthday! < Insert small tear hear >

Thought I'd get one of me and the kiddos to prove they do in fact have a mother! And for those wondering, the boy is saying "sm-ILLLEE".


  1. So cute! Make sure to get a down coat, changed my life in NYC :) Don't freeze too much!

  2. fun fun fun! wish I could say we had snow too! :( oh, and LOVE the new side bar with your popular posts. Really, you should just add all your furniture redos over there, cuz they're all awesome! can't wait to have a house one day and do garage sale shopping and remodeling for fun! you inspire others my dear!

  3. So fun. You guys are in the snow and we are walking the lake in our short sleeve shirts and getting hot in the middle of January - crazy!
    Maggie looks exactly like your mom Angel.

  4. Love the "bundled" look on you guys, and especially on W&M! They look like little muffins that can barely move. Hugs & Love! :)


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