I've been afraid to put this on the blog for one reason. If I say it out-loud (or on a blog) then I know J will hold me to it! LOL. But my friend Edie and I have decided to try and sell our girly creations in the NE area of Philadelphia!! I know!! I'm excited and scared all at the same time. But I tell you what, I've been having a fun time getting my craft on again at last! Wish us luck! And spread the word, I'll be making headbands like crazy!


  1. You know I'd LOVE LOVE to have some of your headbands! I love that we like the same style, so I trust you haha.. give me some info and i'll let you know how many I want :)

  2. Go for it! You'll never know if you'll succeed if you don't try! I'm really nervous about my photography, but if I'm going to go forward with it, I've got to start somewhere, right?

    How are you going to sell them? Craft fair or what?


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