3 Months

It feels like only yesterday that I was in unbearable pain bringing this adorable little pink Tank into the world. And here she is growing at a nearly unsurpassable rate, smiling and giggling along with us as we explore the world of tickles and raspberries. Maggie is a doll. She loves everything except being put down. But even then its only moments until she finds a cozy position and falls to sleep. She has been such a joy and such an easy baby. I dare to say easier than West. 

She's started laughing, smiles like crazy, belches and farts like a grown man and has discovered mobility via "the wiggle". She's even rolled over, both ways, a few times. Yes, in no time at all she'll be eating food, crawling and talking. Until then I need to enjoy ever second I have of her, this "tiny" ball of cuteness.


She wore this jumper on her way home from the hospital. Then, her feet and shin's barely came out of the leg holes! Sniff! Too quick I tell you.

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