4 Months "wit" Margaret

Ok really...could she be getting any cuter. Our sweet girl hit another month marker this past Monday. And with it she's accomplished quite a bit. Besides the adorable smiles she also learned to truly giggle! It's so adorable. She likes "dancing" or being my dancing puppet. That was the first time I really hear her giggle so she must have been enjoying herself. She is now a professional roller, both sides and is already able to sit up unassisted for a brief second. Just not long enough for me to focus the camera!  :o)

I want to eat here up! Really those little creases are just so darn cute! Also I should ad that she finally is into playtime. Just this week I finally saw her gnawing on her toys and slobbering like a puppy with a chew toy! It was so sweet. Now I don't feel bad when I have to put her down to cook.

Now I know these photos are a lot a like and pretty gender neutral but it was the first chance I had some decent sun in the house considering its been raining for an entire week. So the next time Mr. Sun peaks through for more than 5 minutes I'll be sure to ruffle her up a bit and get some girly shots for the granny's! We know how much they love those...who doesn't! So here we go, heading towards the 6 month mark quicker than we had hoped. but with each day its odd how you enjoy it just as much as the day before. I mean who could resist the baby babble? It's like she's having girl talk. She's  just the only girl at this point who knows the subject of conversation!

P.S: "Wit" is a Philly thing  ;o)


  1. She is so cute! I love that first picture. You should go pro :)

  2. Such cute pictures! And did you get a new chair that I see in the background? Also very cute!

  3. super cute! We need to come visit you guys one of these days!

  4. Oh what a doll!!! So cute and happy. Love it!! Aunt Noellee Waiting for the sun was well worth the darling photo.


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