So apparently I live under a rock! We went out to Jersey shore a few weekends ago with our friends and visited the ever famous Shore Store. But when Derek's co-residents asked what he did for the weekend they laughed when he said he went to Jersey Shore, specifically Seaside. Hmm...well I guess that happens when you're from the other side of the country! But regardless of the hassling it was a fun trip.
Had to visit Shore Store of course. Never seen the show but hey mark it off my list!

Creepy clown photo of the Boys. Can I say to you all at this moment... I HATE CLOWNS!

We even treated ourselves to some Orangsickle ice cream! Even though Boardwalk prices are like triple!

Daddy and Mags. Isn't she adorable in yellow. My cute little monkey. Really, she adorable but she kind of resembles a baby chimp. Yea, I know chimps and monkeys are different.  

 We stopped at this little candy shop where West was lucky enough to get a HUGE lollipop. I believe we were in the middle of some kind of crisis and saw candy as an emergency solution from what I can recall. Plus it was like $2.

However once he was consoled I made the mistake of telling him he couldn't bite it. Bad idea...

 And why am I such a mean Mommy. Why wouldn't I want him to be able to chew on that colorful piece of confectionary heaven? This is why...

But leave it to Mags to be a complete angel the entire trip. Ok. Right here she is so adorable, not resembling any type of furry mammal!  :o) Just look at those little lips!

And if one cone wasn't enough we had another! The guy said right after he handed me the cone " Man these cones are pretty soft today" to his buddy. At that moment of attempting to lick the cone the entire thing falls of it's crunchy cone pedestal. Hmm...yea it's soft! Did he offer a replacement? Of course not! This is Jersey people. So I asked for a cup and put the majority of the cone that I caught in my hand and handed the cone to West!

Haven't had a family photo in a while...

And also, I've learned West is very much his Mommy's little boy. Although he likes water he is not a fan of beach water.

"Dad, why would you do that to me? Not cool!" 

But getting dirty in the sand, now that's a plan!

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