Without giving away too many surprise for our my decorating plans, here are a few pieces in queue. 

Awesome brass lamp and side table. There are actually two tables. 

Cost: $0

Awesome crochet thread and yard needlework piece on burlap canvas

Cost $6 
(Don't tell Derek! I'm banking on the fact that he only looks at the photos on our blog and never actually reads anything!)

Big Bessie here was our big purchase for our kitchen island. The drawers are even lined with felt!

Cost $45 

Sanded, primed and waiting on another sanding

And of course I've managed to acquire another big piece in the past week. I'm pretty darn excited about this one too. It's for the kids playroom in the basement. Also...Free! Pretty awesome. Not that the hubby would agree. I'll keep yo posted as these projects finish up! but something tells me I'm going to need some baby-sitting reinforcement!

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