Cleanse #1

For all the moments that I don't have my camera I'm always grateful for cell phones! I just hate having to remmeber to upload all the photos and somehow manage to list or preserve them in some type of chronological order. But alas, that just won't happen. So instead I've decided to do a couple posts a week of my camera cleansing process. These of course will just be some of my favorites or important moments. Enjoy!

(L: waiting for baby sisters ultrasound, R: After a walk at the lake, even when he sleeps he is possessive of his shoes)

(Christmas Day volunteering with the Salvation Army in Turlock!)
(L: Even at the fabric stores he finds doggies, R: Second day in Nursery (Jan'11))

(Our little "Three Amigos" or "Triplets")

(L: My little boy with his little boy tie @18 months, R: One of our first tantrums!)

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  1. I can't get over how young and round their little faces used to be!


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