Good Luck Daddy!

 (Don't worry he eventually got sad once he realized we drove off without Dad!  We both did.)

So we did have one last family separation in the beginning of January. It was time for Residency Interview out in Good 'Ole Texas! But on our way to the airport we got a call from our friend letting us know that Derek's flight had been delayed. So with some hesitation, since we didn't know what to do in the area, we pulled of the freeway and mapped the closest parks.

We got a bonus hour or so of play time together at a local park. It's probably the most swanky park I've ever been too. It's too bad it was so cold and I didn't have a jacket. I had to bundle up in two of Dad's white coats to keep the chill off. But the Boys had a great time.
There were so many fun new toys and structure I've never seen. West was going nuts wanting to try them all. But he was either too short or...too short!

And with numb little hands and sniffling noses from the cold we got back in the car and said our "Good-Bye's". We are so proud of you Dad for all your hard work. And no matter where in the U.S you drag us off too we know we'll be happy together!


 (First documented edible nose plug, well by him!)

Don't worry Dad. I took really good care of Mom while you were gone!

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  1. I wish they had parks like that in our neighborhood! So fun!


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