Something magical happens each night on a street just a mile from where we live. Somewhere in a magical kitchen, many frantic workers hurry and dump dozens upon dozens of little dough creations in a hot fryers filled with liquid gold only to then drizzle and cover them in all sorts of confection toppings that would literally cause your heart to stop beating. Ah yes, the magical world of DONUTS!

And the odd thing is I always hated donuts before my 20th week of pregnancy (#2). Just one bite of a donut each year was more than I could take. But alas, this little girl has turned me into some kind of sweet treat monster. And for that I'm so grateful!

Sadly, Derek only helped out by eating one donut. I will not confirm nor deny what happen to the other 6 for fear of judgment. 


  1. what is this doughnut place you're referring to?????! i must know. i love doughnuts.

  2. haha! no judgements coming from me, i love donuts!

  3. um hello?!?! I LOVE donuts! where is this place? why have you never told me? I could kill you, but you're leaving soon, so alas I wont...


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