November: Wrap up

 So I could go on an on with separate posts of all of our adventures from our Thanksgiving trip but I'm afraid it will go on for weeks. So lets just recap and get this over and make room for Christmas. As always there is fun to be had, either on the water or in the snow. This year was West's first time to actually play in the snow. He got bundled up, most memorably in a cute little 90's throw back jumper and went to town. It was funny watching him trying to throw snow balls only to smash most of them before they got any air.

Then there was the festivities. To prepare for Christmas the boys re-decorated the "South Pole" and tackled the huge tree in the back yard. The South Pole is a post shared between  our families house and they're good neighbors. The two youngest from each family had adorned it with candy cane lighting a couple years ago before their missions and it's been that way since.And since the second was coming home for Christmas they had to restore it to it's glory. I just wish I had gotten a photo of it.

 Here is the monster tree. As you can see it's about 20 feet tall.

Family, 4 generations to be exact on Nana's side

Then there was family time. We had a small intimate Thanksgiving this year, which was nice. The only guest we had was my sister-in-laws boyfriend.  It was fun to get to know more traditions of our two families. One being them and the second being me! For my MIL she has a very special dish that has had a pumpkin pie baked in it each year since her mother and I believe grandmother used it when they were alive. So it's had about 85 years worth of pies. And I have to say the crust in that particular dish really was the best.
As for my tradition, it's one I can't do without. In fact we spent over an hour looking for them in their small town. Tamales!! I'll be honest I've made them before and they weren't much to brag about. SO this year we thought we would seek a professional. Well there weren't any to be found. But after a long search we were victorious and I must say they were DELICIOSO! So this is what my thanksgiving looks like...

To wrap up the fun we got to see all of our friends. It's rare now for us to get together especially when we are all having kids, going to school across the nation and simply trying to live life. So 4 couples is not too shabby. 

Update: Momma to be next to me has since delivered a darling baby boy.

I guess that about does it. The trip was fun, relaxing and consisted of me sleeping in while everyone gave our son large amounts of attention that I of course can never duplicate at home. I mean 5 adults to 1 is a big gap. We know it will probably be a while till we go back again since we're going to be pretty busy this year but we look forward to the next chance we get.

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  1. Ah, you should be holding your own son. Cute moms, cute babies.


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