Happy Birthday Jim!

Since I've been doing my share of baking lately I thought I'd post my most recent cake for you all to see. While we were visiting family our Aunt called me up and asked if I could make a special cake for her Father-in-law's 80th Birthday. How could I say no! Since he likes golf I decided to go with that. Now the little flag is supposed to be in the brown hole but I didn't want to to get knocked over during the drive and ruin the green, complete with his very own edible golf ball.

 Now the sides weren't the best but I should have seen that coming since I was doing a detail over an uneven surface. But given my hiccups with my cake batter I let it slide. Overall I was pretty happy with the cake. I just hope Jim loved it, both aesthetically and to his palate!

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  1. Angel - Jimmy loved his birthday cake! He was excited and thought it was very special. He loved the decor and that it was about golf. So cute. He appreciated his 80th birthday cake so much, so that was really fun for him. That was so nice of you. I know it was difficult, but you are a wonderful cake maker and decorator and just keep getting better. Keep it up. P.S. It tasted yummy too. Love Aunt Noellee


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