Meltdowns and Motherhood

Warning: The content of this entry is semi insitful and semi-emotional. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

So you know when your world completely gets turned upside down, you are about to loose your last ounce of sanity and the only thing you can possibly fathom doing is cry for hours in the middle your living room floor ? Yea....I don't really recall reading about that in any pregnancy manuals or hand outs. It's only after the storm passes can you decided to talk or blog about it. I mean really I about gave up on life! Not literally of course but in that oh so dramatically latin kind of way.

But today I felt happy again. It's been a couple weeks since the episode of the century. But today as I was cleaning around the house I found two things. One, a personalized coaster my mother made me and second the internet.

The coaster has a photo of Derek and I all the dirty and sweety the day we moved me into what was going to be our first apartment together. I fell in love! I love my husband so so so so much. And sometimes I forget that. We just looked so happy and willing to take on the world. And let's face it, we have.

Then there was the internet. After struggling to clean for hourse while you now mobile child follows you with a demolition procesion its only inevitable to find solace on the internet. So it was to a blog for me. A blog of some friends who have taken on the worls 3 times! I lvoed seeing the adventures they are having. I loved watching a clip of their baby girl giggling and hearing her Daddy giggle even louder when she did. And it reminded me that we have to take a break sometimes.

Sometimes the house will never get clean, lets be honest people! There are just more dishes than I have nerves! And the laundry isn't always going to get folded before it cools, or make it into any discernible storage area besides the foot of my bed. But there are two very important things in my life that will always be there, regardless if my house does look like a tornado just came to visit.


  1. Just know that you're not alone. I hate those moments, and yes, I've had them too. I'm 100% with you on the clean house and laundry. In fact, I've had a pile of clothes waiting for folding on my couch for 3 days now and it doesn't bother me at all! No big deal :)

  2. Hey Angel,
    had a rough moment? I have them all the time. For me crying is the best solution, always helps. Your hubby and little baby boy are so lucky to have such a wonderful wife and mommy!


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