Lucky Seven: 1 year

It feels like yesterday I was being rolled down from L& D in a wheel chair to a recovery room holding the efforts of 6 hours of labor in my arms. He weighed 7lbs and 7ounces, was 21 inches long, had a small cone head from the journey  and an unexpected case of forehead hair that we hadn't anticipated.

Now a year later, as I sit here typing I see a little boy with dark drown hair, 4 teeth, weighing 21 pounds and nearly 30 niches, holding a newly acquired flash light he discovered while walking around the apartment(Yes...mobility is in effect). I can not help but wonder where the last 12 months of our lives ran off too. Why does this greatest growth rate in human life seem as if it happened over night and so spontaneously! But we love our little boy every bit as much as we did our newborn baby boy.

So Happy Birthday to the cutest, goofiest, sweetest and utterly lovable little boy we have been blessed to call our Son!


Mom & Dada

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