Just a blanket

Just minutes ago I hummed the same song that I do every night right before putting my little boy to sleep. I gently put him down and as usual he immediately sat up. But he didn't cry but gave a small simper and reached for the corner of him crib. On the rail of that corner was the blanket I made him. The same first blanket he was ever wrapped in. He gave it a tug and waited for my help. I gave it to him and he pulled it to his face. I helped him down again and he made not another peep as I shut the door.

No that isn't the blanket he normally uses for bedtime. And it wasn't the only blanket in the crib. Infact he had 4 to choose from. I don't know why but that just made my day.


  1. It's moments like these that we need to remember. So sweet.

  2. I know just why loves that blanket...it's soft and cuddly. I love it too, having drapped over him many times whe trying to get him to sleep.


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