Memorial Day: the look

So are you ready to see our son's new model hair cut? Brace yourself for the epitome of dashing and debonair...

Isn't his the cutest! I mean I've been told to exploit his looks and I've considered it. What Dad doesn't know won't kill him right! Anyhow, we went to our Ward BBQ for Memorial Day and just enjoyed every moment of it in the sunshine. West loved watching the missionaries and the guys play ball. He was mesmerized and didn't even notice me trying to catch a snap shot. It's too bad Daddy didn't get a Memorial Holiday. Always working! It's days like these I love. To just be with my son and watch him taking in the world a little at a time.
P.S: Does anyone ever feel like their photo quality is not adequately portrayed on blogger? I swear they look 5 times better on my photo program! Bummer!

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