3rd Year Ball

So Daddy is finishing up his 3rd year in Podiatric Medicine and to celebrate the class has a "Ball". Why they call it a ball is beyond me. I didn't get some awesome gown with crystals in my hair! I mean who wouldn't mind that, right? Anyhow, its more like a formal dinner to celebrate the last year the class we'll be together before graduation. So we got ourselves "did" and headed to the peninsula for a very memorable time. The restaurant we went to had about 6 appetizers to start with when we sat down a brought out a plate of teasers every 10 minutes or so. Then we had a couple fillers before dinner was served and finally had dessert. This place was cray. I mean we had food coming out every 10 or 15 minutes from 8pm until 10:45pm!! And of course you can't forget the dancing! Oh yes, not just any dancing but Russian style club dancing. Let's just say the higher the heels, shorter the skirt and the more male chest hair present the better the outcome! Ha!

But the best part for me was just seeing our friends. Things get so busy that we don't ever just get to see our friends too often. It was great. And though it would have been loads better if everyone could have made it, the night was great and the company even better. So here are to our studious spouses who finally are getting a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Well...the first tunnel at least!
Kristin (Dad's Classmate), Me and Amy

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