So recently we had some family time, finally, and decided to take advantage of it. In reality I think Daddy accidentally missed a day of rotation, but hey it was an honest mistake! Either way the time was much deserved and needed. He has been working so hard and has had to leave VERY early each day. So we did what he wanted to do, go to San Francisco! REALLY!!! Aren't you sick of it yet! 

He has been dying to go to the Academy of sciences. So we packed up the babe, the camera and some umbrellas and headed over to the city. We had a great time looking at all the exhibits. Like most people I think we spent the majority of the time in the aquarium. Papa Bear got such as kick out of everything there and loved banging on the glass making grunting noises. But no one enjoyed it as much as Daddy. I've been there before so it was enjoyable but not the "wow" and "aww" like the first time. But my favorite part was being with my boys. We even scored ourselves and updated family photo!

Just a side note, if you're not somewhat decent at taking photos, please don't offer to take a photo of someone!! Ha! Those who always offer end up being terrible. I just end up deleting the photo! I know that sounds harsh, but what good is a blurry and distant photo! Maybe I'm being harsh....Nah! 

After our adventure in the city we went and had dinner with our friends RJ & Lil! Of course we partied like it was 1999 and played video games until 11pm. I know, we're animals. What can we say, another day in the life of an amazingly exciting family!!!

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