First Snow: Utah

A lot happened in January, can I just start with that. PB went on his first flight ever over the mountains to visit Gramps and GG. I was terrified. I didn't know what to expect, but just knew I'd be braving it alone. Of course Daddy couldn't make this trip with us! How convenient. But PB being the perfect child that he is made hardly any fuss on the way there or the way back.

Now since these trips have way too much to talk about and I can only tolerate 66 or 8 photos, we're going to do this in a run through fashion:


1. Strollers and security checks don't mix!
2. My son LOVES flight attendants
3. Totally miss all the podiatry women of days of old
4. Got to see Great Gramps for the first time
5. Got to see snow for the first time
6. Nearly tore off all of his cousins cradle cap!
7. Nearly tore off his other cousins ear!
8. Got to play with Cache and Cage
9. Got to kiss Tess! She's twice his age! LOL
10. Got to give lots of love and time to GG!!

All in all it was a great trip. I loved just seeing all my friends and family and having adult company in general. Not that the conversation I have with my 7 month old son aren't thrilling. Let's just hoe next time Daddy can come along and make the process of getting there bearable!! 

The only cousin he didn't mame! Ha! Probably cause he is s FREAKIN' cute!!

Note: I'm totally loving this mew blogger post format!!! Awesome!

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