Besides the obvious reasons, like complexion and color, I think PB (Papa Bear aka our son) looks like me! Not all me of course but I don't think I should be discounted. But I do think that his personality and demeanor is much like his Dad's. So lets have a vote. Who does he remind you more of, Mom or Dad?




  1. oh my he totally looks like you! i do see a bit of Grandpa B in him but exactly like you as a baby! and i'm gonna have to agree with you about the personality. but mostly cus you say so and momma knows best. i wish i could see that cute little guy more though so i could really tell for myself :) it was good seeing you guys this weekend! miss ya! x0x0

  2. That's so funny! You and West could be twins!

  3. Definitely, mama. I mean, come on! WHO besides ANGEL and WEST make friends so easily with everyone and smile so much that people always feel good around them?

    (*Ok Derek's nice too, but no one can compete on the level of these two.)


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