It's too bad I already did this post and it got deleted! Dang it!

(11.11.09: found it! -
A really good friend of mine got married a few weeks ago and we got to go be a part of the festivities. He and I were in singles ward together when I first got baptized. I know what you're thinking, "friends with a boy still!". But he is awesome and D thinks he is the coolest guy ever! Anyhow, here are a few shots from the wedding. I wish I had more photos of them at a better angle, but there were way TOO many people around with cameras blocking. But it was a great party and they both looked so happy. Not to mention his little Mrs. made a beautiful bride! So here is to the happy couple!)

So long story short: my friend got married! Yay! Here are the only shots I got. There were so many people I hadn't seen in years that I forgot to take more. Plus my boy is so dang cute that I was utterly distracted by his sweet face!

my boys!

so vibrant

loved the colors!

so in love...

ebony & ivory reunited at last!

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