Firsts: capitola

We recently went to Capitola, making it a first time for Papa bear and little bear. We had fun just watching the waves, eating some pizza, laying on the beach, seeing a guy catch a STINGRAY with a regular fishing pole and finally getting some yummy and yet inexpensive ice cream. I love just spending time with my boys!

Look how well he holds his head up!

Superman! One day it will make him smile!

No that I think of it he was awfully serious that day



  1. Are people allowed to catch stingrays!?! Crazy sight. hmmm...I would love some yummy and inexpensive ice cream!

  2. How fun and cute!!!! I love it. You better watch out Derek. I held April like that one time when she was a baby and got bombarded with green spinach!!! Still we just can't resist holding them up to just gaze at their beautiousness. It is so amazing and awe inspiring. I love, love, love it. So, sweet to watch you two be parents. Love, Aunt Noellee


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