After nearly a month little O, trying that on for size right now, got to meet his bisabuelos. We haven't had a new born in quite a while on that side of the family so they were just in rapture of his absolute cuteness! I of course was considered the "lioness" with my supposedly protective glare! LOL. I never knew I could have one of those. However, my favorite part of the trip was my grandpa seeing little O. I never in my life have seen him so affectionate and tender with any human being. It was absolutely priceless. So here are some of my favorite shots of the day.

Love at first sight

This one makes me all choked up!

So small

Isn't she beautiful!

And the one I've waited for most of my life! A photo of 4 generations of my family. Little O the first great grand baby, me the first grandchild, my mom the first child and her mother. Not sure but she might be a first too! All the ladies are full blooded Mexicans and here come my boy to add a little variety to the mix! I love him so much and I can already imagine the blessing he'll be to our family!


  1. What amazing pictures. Your family looks like they are just incredible!

  2. Just lovely, honey, just lovely!! :)

  3. The cutest little baby I have ever seen. Soooooooooooo cute!!!!! Aunt Noellee

  4. So fun!! So what is his name?? I am DYING to know? He's adorable!

  5. 4 generations! That will be a picture to keep for generations to come!

  6. He's getting cuter everyday! I can tell he is being loved by so many friends and family. That is wonderful. I have to say I'm a little jealous because you are all over there and I'm over here and I want to kiss, love and hold him!!! But, it is nice that you are keeping your blog up and I can at least see him like this. Angel you look beautiful and I can tell that being a mother agrees with you. Derek too (being a father that is). The entire family is so proud of both of you. You all look so happy and that is wonderful! Love Aunt Noellee

  7. the generations shot is just beautiful!


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