Another August

I must first start off by saying that I never imagined that I would marry such a wonderful man! Three years ago D and I were married right here in the Oakland Temple. Who would have thought we would end up here and be so unbelievably happy too! SO to celebrate we got my baby love a babysitter and head out for some quality time together. We had a great, well I did, dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory. I didn't really want to eat there but D insisted. Then I ended up having an awesome dinner and his was not nearly as tasty! Lol.

After a great evening of just talking, laughing and staring disgustingly mooshily at one another ( yes I'm aware those aren't proper words, we decided to head back to spend some family time with our little guy. Little did D know what awaited him back at the house!


That's right, this little wifey slaved all day and it was all day, making a yummy cake for her husband. It was a moist coconut cake with white chocolate mousse filling and a coconut flavored butter cream. After ruining the mousse and making it twice and making a small mistake with the cake it turned out to be an all day event. But it was super tasty and light!

Not the most exciting frosting job but by the time I had to frost it D was going to be home within an hour and I still had to feed the babe and clean the dishes, as to not ruin the surprise.

All in all it was a great anniversary and we got the greatest gift all, our son. He came just in time to be here with us and we have loved every second of him in our lives. So Happy Anniversary my love! You've made me one happy gal!


  1. ummmm....yeah does that cake look good! Congrats guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary! The cake looks delicious!


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