Sorry everyone that I've posted so many times in 24 hours. I finally had a minute to catch up and figured I should take advantage of the opportunity. So last week during spring break our buddy Jesse invited D to go fishing. But when they called the bait shop to see when they open the guy said the fishing was really bad and that we should just go crabbing. What is crabbing? Fishing for crab apparently. So D invited his friends Ry and Ry called saying his wife wanted to go so D made me go. Okay, didn't make me but kept saying how I was going to end up feeling left out. So to prevent that I decided to go.

We got up early and we all headed to Pacifica. We only caught 4 crabs but 3 were too small to keep so we had to throw them back. It was alot of sun despite lots of wind and lots of showers that seemed to last a good 4 hours through out the morning. But we were prepared with heavy coats , hats and blankets. No one ended up wanting to take the crab we caught so D said he wanted it. After a nice 3 hour nap we decided to fix dinner. Luckily we didn't hear him crawling at the pot. Unfortunately or fortunately he took a cold ice bath on the way home and probably went to some form of hypothermia or a coma. All in all it was a good day!

Yes! D was this excited ALL day long!!

Crab #1! Too small
The pregnant wives! Even though we didn't cast more than twice we still had a really good time. Let's just say we got our laughs for the day!

Nope! He's dead all right!

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