Mandy & Me: Part I

The reason I haven't been blogging in a timely manner is because one of my best friends flew out from UT last week to spend her spring break with me. I'd missed her so much and rarely have seen her since she got home from her mission over a year ago. So we had a blast. She flew in Monday so we just relaxed, went to Barney's (*drool*) for lunch, something I know I forgot and had FHE that night.

Since there aren't any photos of the first day you'll have to wait for day two. It was way more exciting and picture filled! Not that everyone reading this isn't totally bummed we didn't get a shot of us stuffing our face full of curly fries and tasty burgers from Barney's. Man that sounds so good right now!!! Anyhow, I'll save Tuesday for it's own entry because there are tons of photos to choose from. But here is a teaser for Part II. Can you tell where we went first?


  1. OH My ANGEL you have got to be thee cutest person in the world amd the defintion of thee absolute greatest friend. I am so excited for you and Derek to have your little guy!! ANy ideas for names?

  2. Congrats on making it to 25 weeks! That's a huge milestone! You'll love being a mom, it's so much fun. Lori told me what you were having but now I forgot...a boy right? Do you have any names picked out? We didnt until 2 weeks before she came!


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