22, 23, 24...

I haven't done the best at blogging lately but I have a good reason. But you'll see the next time I post. But I realized I haven't posted updated tummy shots. So to me I feel so big, because their is a baby in my tummy region, but everyone else keeps telling me how small I am. But hey what do I know, this is my first ride on the baby train. So if I look petite and pregnant I'm totally fine with that. Even if my grandma asked whether I'm sure that I wasn't having twins! She's a hoot. But then again she forgot how far along I was. But enough chatter. Here is my profile in all it's glory:

22 weeks:
I cheated, D was gone so this is photo depicting me probable size! I would have tried to take it myself but it seemed like too much work!

Week 23:
OK..I felt so blah that Sunday that D ended up takng like 20 pictures cause I hated all of them. Not that I love this one either! But that's what he gets for missing last weeks shoot! :o)

Week 24:
Oddly enought I think I look the smallest in this photo but oh well. I try to take them the same time frame each sunday but maybe this outfit is more slimming than the others

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  1. oh yea! your so cute! how fun to see you change! exciting too!


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