Ketchup: Part 3

So this is the final part of Ketchup: The story of D & A. This is the finale where the two love birds finally meet face to face. Are you ready for this? OK, you asked for it.

As I had mentioned I decided to call D for a ride from the SLC airport. So the day before I was to fly out I picked up the phone and dialed his number. At first he seemed glad to hear from me just a general happy surprise sounding response. So after some minor chit chat I busted out the story about Pop Tart crashing her car. He of course sounded concern. Then came the question. I asked, then a moment of silence. Did he hang up? His response was something along the lines of "oh..(pause)...yea..sure I could come get'cha". I felt so dumb. He sounded as if this was the most unusual request and it made him feel pretty awkward but non the less felt obligated to oblige the poor stranded Latina from California. I said thanks and told him what time my flight came in and hung up.

Well the day arrived to head back to good old cougar town. I was leaving to the airport right after the trial so I didn't bother to change. On the plane I couldn't help but be nervous. In fact I don't remember thinking of anything but how nervous I was, whether or not I was going to get that nasty oily post-flight hair and if I looked silly in my outfit. The man sitting next to me noticed me be fidgety so I asked " I'm sorry, I know this is silly but do I look ok?" Seriously, I asked a complete stranger. Of course he asked why I was nervous and I briefly told him the scenario. He was really nice about it, probably trying hard not to laugh that I had never met this kid before today. Then we began our decent! CRAP! I was really nervous now. Once off the plane we all were herded toward the arrival gates. And just my luck the escalators were out of order so ALL arriving passengers had to get herded down a 3 flight spiral stair case. I tried my hardest to look for his face but no one really stook out.

As I reached the last portion of stairs I started to notice some kid popping in and out from behind random people. He looked goofy, with spiky hair and a dorky smile. "oh no that's him and he's a total dork" I though to myself. But I acted as if I hadn't even seem him. I thought to myself that i would just let him come to me. So I quickly headed to the payphone since my cell was about to die. It luckily had enough battery for me to turn it on, find his number and memorize it really quickly before it completely died. And of course I only had enough change for one call.

-"Hello?" he said.
-" Hey, my flight just got in" I replied.
-" Oh man I'm still in Layton. I haven't even left yet"

Of courses I knew he was lying. He's a terrible liar by the way. I told him I knew he was here and that I wasn't going to go on some goose hunt for him in the middle of the airport so he could come over to me when he was ready. I hung up the phone. Less than a minute later there he was strolling up to the pay phone with that ridiculously cute smile on his face like he had just gotten me so good. We said our awkward hello's and gave our semi-awkward first hug. He took my bag and we walked out to the parking lot. I sized him up the whole way out and was shocked to see the dirty, run down old Jeep he was driving. I quickly thought to myself " He's going to kill me" but at least he was cute. So immediately after we started driving I asked for his phone to call my mom to let her know I landed ok... and to giver her his number in case I was never to be seen or heard from again.

I don't remember much about our conversation that night back to provo I just remember feeling nervous. After we got into town he treated me to Wendy's like a gentlemen. I made the hugest mistake of getting a side of melted cheese for my fries and nuggets which he still thinks is disgusting and weird. And then he dropped me off at my apartment.

So there you have it. That is how we met. We met on 12/7. And oddly enough our baby is due on 7/12. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything in particular just something only I would notice. But everything just fell right into place after that. It's safe to say that we became crazily smitten with one another and loved giving each other a hard time. Friendship was really the foundation of our bond. But deep down we were just a couple of softies who wanted to be more than friends.

I love my husband to death. I'm always in awe over the miracle it was that we found each other and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We still give each other a hard time, it's only natural but we are still beyond smitten with one another. And that is our happy ending!


  1. Ok,so I love melted cheese, BUT ordering it from a fast food joint...I'm not too sure about that one!

  2. thats really cute. rich and i met there as well! hehe so so cute!!! i remember meeting you for the first time. so exciting!! :)

  3. Yea for happy endings! Thanks for sharing your story.


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