For my friend

I have a super great new friend who I just adore and she recently had a birthday. So I really wanted to do something nice for her but since we don't have tons of money I knew I had to smart and meaningful. So I decided to put my recently acquired crocheting skills, thanks to J, to use. I made her this super cute head band with a big flower on it. It wasn't perfect but I think it came out pretty good! I was a little skeptical about yarn though and it being secure and stretchy enough to be a good head band, so I gave it a mini test drive for about 1 minute! Don't worry I had just showered! It was great and pretty darn secure. Anyhow, here is the gift!

And since her hubby was throwing her a little party he asked if I could make a birthday cake. I said yes of course. After a long searching process for a wonderful cake recipe (note: I've tried a lot that just didn't cut it) I found one. Oh man was it good!! Maybe I'm biased but her husband finished off the rest of the cake and said he "loved it". And although he's thekind of guy that might lie to me to be kind "liked it" would have been sufficient so it couldn't have been just me. Anyhow, as soon as I get a photo of it from them I'll post it. But I just thought it came out DEE-lish!!

Just for kicks people tell me your birthdays! I love to bake special treats for special people!


  1. OH my you are thee most talented lady ever!!! Seriously your a doll we miss you. I want one of those flowers when you come up. Love ya hope all is well

  2. Love how it turned out! And can't wait to see it on Rach!


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