Border line Naughty

A good old friend of mine from my first YSA just had her bachlorette party last weekend and I had been so excited for it. That was until I got ther and realized, yes I am the only married and knocked up lady here!! LOL. But it was still such a blast. All of her friends are just so sweet and really made this special for her. And of course with every bachlorette party there has to be a Naughty bouquet!!

Tah -DAH!! I give you all my latest creation...

"Border line Naughty"
The name of each bouquet I ever do is inspired by the bride herself or something about her party. In this case I did a Mexican fiesta style bouquet since her party was at On the Border that Mexican restaurant. So here are some photos from the party. And does anyone have a suggestion of where to upload lots of photos to share. I use shutterfly sometimes but its so slow and I don't care for it much!

Playing Fluffy bunnies! Disgusting to watch and play!! LOL

Pretty decor!

The sexy vixen-esk bride to be!! With her naughty bouquet!!

All the girls!

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